A Passion for Plants Leads to Life’s Work

Greg Stewart’s love of plants and trees blossomed during his high school job at a local nursery in his hometown of Medford, Ore. But he joined the military upon graduation, determined to see the world. “I wanted to get away from southern Oregon, but when I got out of the service I realized the Valley wasn’t such a bad place to live,” says Stewart, referring to the lush Rogue Valley, dotted with vineyards and forests.

Guest Post: Dollar Spot Control with Fame and Fame +T Fungicides

During summer 2015, we conducted a trial at the Lake Wheeler Turfgrass Research Farm in Raleigh, N.C. The study took place on a native soil (clay loam) ’Crenshaw’ creeping bentgrass fairway/tee area maintained at 0.375”. In previous work conducted in cooperation with Dr. Damon Smith, we determined that relative humidity above 70% for five consecutive days with a minimum air temperature above 57̊ºF is conducive for dollar spot development.