Zeroing in on Large Patch

Here in the Southeast, most turf managers consider zoysiagrass a hardy, easily maintained turfgrass for use on home lawns, commercial turf areas and — of course — golf course fairways. Since zoysiagrass is drought tolerant, grows in any type of soil and requires minimal mowing, it’s often an attractive alternative to bermudagrass.
But zoysiagrass does have its downside. It is particularly susceptible to a disease commonly known as Large patch’ — caused by a strain of Rhizoctonia solani. Environmental conditions favoring Large patch development are cool soil temperatures and wet conditions. Visual symptoms can occur in the fall and spring as circular, discolored patches that expand over time.

Guest Post: Dollar Spot Control with Fame and Fame +T Fungicides

During summer 2015, we conducted a trial at the Lake Wheeler Turfgrass Research Farm in Raleigh, N.C. The study took place on a native soil (clay loam) ’Crenshaw’ creeping bentgrass fairway/tee area maintained at 0.375”. In previous work conducted in cooperation with Dr. Damon Smith, we determined that relative humidity above 70% for five consecutive days with a minimum air temperature above 57̊ºF is conducive for dollar spot development.

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Have You Heard? FMC Professional Solutions to Market DISARM® Fungicide and XONERATE® Herbicide

It’s true! Yesterday we announced that FMC Professional Solutions has signed an exclusive licensing agreement to develop and market two key turf and ornamental product lines, DISARM® Fungicides (fluoxastrobin) and XONERATE® Herbicide (amicarbazone) in the U.S. and Canada. This agreement means FMC Professional Solutions now offers insecticides, herbicides and fungicides — providing a full portfolio of turf solutions. We spoke with members of the FMC turf team for their reactions: “This agreement brings some exciting technology to FMC. These active ingredients are great solutions for turf managers, and this relationship opens new development opportunities.” – Bobby Walls, PhD., Product Development Manager   “The agreement between FMC and Arysta allows us to go to customers with a full portfolio of insecticide, herbicide and fungicide products. It demonstrates FMC’s commitment to growing our turf and ornamental business long-term.” – Maureen Thompson, FMC, Business Manager, T&O segment   “This is a big opportunity for FMC. Not only do we have amazing herbicides and insecticides, we now have the best strobilurin fungicide on the market. More specifically, I’m excited to provide my customers with a great solution for dollar spot on bermuda grass, which is a unique problem that DISARM can address.” – Mike Kellum, FMC Market Specialist, Southeast region   “Having a broad spectrum fungicide to offer our customers is huge. My territory is otherwise known as the ‘disease belt’ so the DISARM line of products is truly fulfilling a need for disease control—particularly in the upper Midwestern states, where snow mold is a severe problem.” – Jay Young, FMC Market Specialist, Mid-West region   This agreement will not affect your ability...