A GIS Recap

Each year around the beginning of February, thousands of Golf Industry Professionals migrate to the Golf Industry Show (GIS) or “The Show” as we affectionately refer to it. GIS provides opportunities for education, networking and engaging with vendors who supply the industry with the necessary tools needed for these professionals to do their job.  According to the GCSAA, this year’s show saw attendance reach 13,600, a number that has not been seen since the days before the recession in the late 2000’s. The attendance numbers may not be what they were during the golf boom and the show floor may be a little smaller than in years past, but attendance numbers are a sign that the industry is still very healthy. Many of today’s attendees are taking time out of their schedule to make the journey to attend GIS where labor and budget dynamics challenge them on a daily basis.  They are taking advantage of the opportunity to better themselves through an array of educational seminars that are offered, share knowledge from past experiences with their peers and check out the latest and greatest from manufacturers.  Speaking of latest and greatest, FMC took advantage of GIS to introduce its newest innovation in the battle against Sedge and Kyllinga.  Dismiss® NXT will be available later this year, providing end users with a new, innovative solution to post emerge weed control. I have been fortunate enough to be a part of this industry in various aspects over the last 18 years. To this day, one thing that still impresses me the most and what makes this industry so unique, is the...

A Passion for Plants Leads to Life’s Work

Greg Stewart’s love of plants and trees blossomed during his high school job at a local nursery in his hometown of Medford, Ore. But he joined the military upon graduation, determined to see the world. “I wanted to get away from southern Oregon, but when I got out of the service I realized the Valley wasn’t such a bad place to live,” says Stewart, referring to the lush Rogue Valley, dotted with vineyards and forests.

Doubling Down on Drainage Issues

Drainage-related issues have steadily increased in the 15 years Dave Smith has been golf course superintendent of Fawn Lake Country Club, in Spotsylvania, Va. Woven through wetlands, the course sits on heavy clay soils and excess rainfall often leads to moisture-related problems.

Weed Control That Works – Even in Sizzling Houston Summers

Summers are so hot in Houston that Bob Cook does all of his herbicide spraying in the very early morning hours. “That’s how we ensure getting best results in this high heat and humidity,” says Cook, golf course superintendent at Walden on Lake Houston Golf and Country Club. With Championship ultradwarf bermudagrass on greens and 419 bermuda on tees, roughs and fairways, Cook doesn’t have a huge weed problem. “As long as we maintain good fertility rates and don’t let bare areas open up, we can stay pretty weed-free with bermudagrass,” adds Cook, who has been in the Houston area for 14 of the 37 years he’s been in the golf maintenance industry. The exceptions to that rule are the areas around sprinkler heads where sedges, dandelions and clover often accumulate. In the past three years, he’s solved that problem with postemergence applications of Solitare® herbicide from FMC. An all-in-one postemergence weed control product designed to combat crabgrass, sedges and broadleaf weeds, Solitare provides powerful, broad-spectrum control without the hassle of tankmixing other herbicides. Its dual action delivers visible results within a few days after treatments. “We use Solitare once in the spring and once in the summer for cleanup around greens, green surrounds and tee surrounds,” he notes. “It really cleans up weeds. I completely trust it and plan to keep using it.”...