Herbicide tank mixing with QuickSilver® and Tenacity® reduces bleaching and speeds up control.

I recently read a post within a thread on lawnsite.com about Tenacity® herbicide that caught my attention. LawnSite member, green_man, from New Jersey said, “If they could work out blending Tenacity with a turf colorant they might really have something. Action on goosegrass and nimblewill in addition to a lot of the more common offenders here in the Northeast makes for nice spot treatments, but that bleaching is just too brutal. It’s like you’re shining a spotlight on every imperfection in the lawn.”

To provide a solution to your Tenacity problem, did you know that by tank mixing Tenacity with a little bit of QuickSilver® herbicide (2 oz per acre) you’ll enhance the performance and reduce the “white-flash”? Tank mixing QuickSilver and Tenacity is much faster than Tenacity by itself, as well as broader spectrum (50 weeds listed on the QuickSilver label) with increased efficacy. The addition of QuickSilver will not increase injury to desirable turfgrass and it’s effective in both cool and warm climates.

So why does Tenacity bleach weeds and turfgrass temporarily (up to three weeks)? The active ingredient in Tenacity is mesotrione, a HPPD inhibitor that produces a chlorotic effect. QuickSilver reduces the bleaching because the active ingredient, carfentrazone, is a protox inhibitor, which induces the formation of peroxides that attack the lipids and proteins of the cell membrane. Cell membrane disruption is VERY rapid and causes leakage of cell contents resulting in cell disintegration. Weeds become necrotic within hours and usually die within seven days after treatment. Weeds must be actively growing in the presence of sunlight and foliar coverage is essential (as with any contact herbicide). By adding QuickSilver, the result is a much more typical bronzing effect seen with weed control instead of bleaching.

Tank Mixing with QuickSilver Herbicide Enhances White Clover Control

Tank Mixing with QuickSilver Herbicide Enhances Crabgrass Control

Picture taken on crabgrass seven days after treatment with 4 oz of Tenacity + 2 oz of QuickSilver.

RodneyK, a LawnSite Senior Member from Fort Wayne, IN said this about Tenacity:

“Loved it for taking out nimblewill and patches of bentgrass in my KBG lawn. Didn’t even have to reseed or sod. White is annoying. Turned a client’s yard white before a renovation. Thankfully we warned client and they didn’t freak out…”

Tenacity is noted for and labeled for use in renovation applications because it can be used right up to, and including the day of seeding. By adding QuickSilver to the tank to reduce the “white-flash”, you don’t sacrifice the seeding timeframe benefits just noted above. Increase customer satisfaction with QuickSilver in the tank versus having to warn your clients about this side effect.

QuickSilver is very versatile and can be applied alone or by tank mixing with several different types of herbicides for performance enhancement. Boost your tank mix with QuickSilver and get customer satisfaction in every tank.

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