QuickSilver®: The ultimate tank mixing weed control performance enhancer.

QuickSilver®: The ultimate tank mixing weed control performance enhancer.

There has been a lot of buzz in the past few years with the term “performance enhancers”. It seems that every night on the sports news channel, another famous athlete’s career is smeared with the news that they used “performances enhancers” to become faster and stronger than any human being. While many people question the legitimacy of these athletes, the team at FMC has a “Performance Enhancer” for weed control called QuickSilver® that turf professionals can use every day to enjoy all the benefits these performance-enhanced athletes get: speed, strength, and increased revenue without ever ending up on the front page of the news!

One of the biggest performance enhancing benefits that QuickSilver provides is a much improved broadleaf application than is currently in the market. On its own, QuickSilver is very active on many broadleaf weeds. But, when tank mixing it with other herbicides such as a typical phenoxy-based herbicide, the performance of the three way increases dramatically. Not only does QuickSilver improve the performance of your current herbicide, but it also reduces the amount of herbicide required to achieve control. The chart below shows that normal herbicides on their own require higher labeled application rates and provide less control than those same herbicides combined with QuickSilver.

Weed Control with QuickSilver Tank Mixing Partners

Here is why the speed of QuickSilver is going to matter to you. More than likely, you manage lawns in the same neighborhoods as your competition. Luckily for you, you now have the added “performance enhancer,” QuickSilver, in your tank and you are even using less pounds of the active ingredient than your competitor. In as little as 48-72 hours after your application, your customers’ weeds are already showing visual symptoms while your competitors’ weeds look alive and well.

Unfortunately, for your competition, his customers are on the phone with him complaining their lawns are still littered with weeds while the neighbors down the road look like they are going to win the coveted ‘lawn of the month’ prize. Speed matters to you and your customers. More importantly, your potential customers will notice.

Tank Mixing Benefits of QuickSilver

The two benefits of strength and speed are not limited to just being added to three-way type products. QuickSilver is very versatile and can be applied alone or mixed with several different types of herbicides for performance enhancement. QuickSilver is even compatible with glyphosate for increasing the performance of winter weed control in dormant turfgrass when weeds are growing slowly. Take a look at the charts below to see some examples of herbicides to which you can add QuickSilver. Don’t let these charts limit your imagination as QuickSilver added to just about any herbicide will give that herbicide performance enhancing speed and strength.

Tank Mixing with QuickSilver on Cool Season Turf

Tank Mixing With QuickSilver on Warm Season Turf

QuickSilver is a low-use herbicide that has a rate range of 0.9-2.1 fl oz/acre. However, I typically recommend a rate of 1 fl oz per acre when adding it to another herbicide to enhance the performance. This allows one bottle of QuickSilver to treat up to 8 acres. It is recommended that you add a non-ionic surfactant when making applications. QuickSilver can be used on a broad range of turf types but make sure to consult the QuickSilver label before making any application. QuickSilver is a contact herbicide, therefore, it is important that you get adequate spray coverage of your target weeds to insure proper control.

Recommended QuickSilver Use for Weed Control

QuickSilver is not only going to make your application stronger and faster, it is going to help you save money and set you apart from your competition. Unlike performance enhancers in major sports, QuickSilver will not get you banned from the turf hall of fame, it enhances your chances.
Watch this short video to learn more about QuickSilver, or contact your FMC Market Specialist.

FMC Turf and Ornamental Market Specialist AJ Hephner
AJ Hephner is the Turf & Ornamental Market Specialist for FMC Professional Solutions, covering North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. AJ studied Agronomy for his undergrad at Wilmington College and received his Master’s in Agronomy from Texas Tech in 2011. AJ currently resides in North Carolina with his wife. He can be reached via email at aj.hephner@fmc.com or connect with him on Twitter @Tall_Turf.